19511478_10108466898105258_7496363791055939918_nAngela is a public health professional with experience in health systems management, higher education, health disparities research, and workforce development.

A Health Sciences PhD student at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, her current research interests include health disparities research, social and health policy, and workforce development in the health sciences. She is particularly interested in organizational practice, and the social-structural influences of upstream determinants on health system strategy and chronic disease health outcomes.

Prior to her studies at Northwestern, she served as project manager of a $5 million grant at Rush University System for Health, focused on reducing health disparities and developing new model of care. This initiative, Building Healthy Urban Communities was designed to improve education, employment and health outcomes of Chicago’s west and south sides through strategic community partnerships.  Angela also served as a data analyst for the Rush Education and Career Hub, working with leadership and external partners to develop tools, identify and gather necessary data to inform operational and strategic outcomes, including a continuous improvement strategy for new programs and action tools that measure implementation and impact of interventions.

Her passion is not just reserved for implementing programs and conducting active research that can advance the of work of health equity but extends to educating and developing others in the health sciences. Angela holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the College of Health Sciences at Rush University, is an active member of the American Public Health Association, the Illinois Public Health Association, and AcademyHealth.

Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, and a Chicago Illinois resident for over 12 years, Angela has always been particularly attuned to the benefits and challenges of city life. Her ultimate goal is to use her skills as a researcher and professional in an ongoing capacity to help institutions and organizations respond to the needs of their communities through data-driven strategies.

Art and creative expression have driven and shaped Angela’s perspectives from a young age. In addition to her public health related pursuits, Angela enjoys photography, painting, drawing, attending live music events and volunteering in her community.

Angela earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts Concentration from Purdue University, and a Master of Public Health in Community Health Sciences from the University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health.